Join us at Startup Extreme April 24-26

Next week, Kjeller Innovation will be hosting a series of events at Startup Extreme in Hemsedal. Prepare for an unforgettable experience packed with networking opportunities, valuable insights, and groundbreaking innovation. Don't miss your chance to connect, learn, and grow with us at Startup Extreme!

ENERGIZE, Reception (April 24, 18:30):
Kickstart your Startup Extreme journey at our Energize reception! Join us for an evening of drinks and networking, where you'll have the opportunity to connect with experts from corporates, investors, and startups within deep-tech. Discover investment possibilities, learn about ESA BIC programs, and explore the vibrant ecosystem surrounding Kjeller Innovation. 
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THE FUTURE OF THE ENERGY WORLD (April 25, 13:30-14:30):
Join us for a captivating discussion on the future of the energy world! This event will offer valuable insights into the trends, challenges, and future perspectives shaping the energy transition. Hear from corporate leaders, investors, business experts, and startups as they share their thoughts, predictions, and recommendations for navigating the evolving energy landscape
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Accelerate your energy innovation journey with our Digital Changemakers workshop! Dive deep into the world of digital and AI solutions for energy systems, and explore innovative approaches to enhancing energy grid capacity, flexibility, and predictability. Join us for an interactive session where you can share your insights, solutions, and experiences, and collaborate with fellow innovators to shape strategies for driving positive change in the energy industry.
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INVESTOR DAY: (April 24, 12:00 - 15.00):
Don't miss the official Startup Extreme Investor Day, where you'll have exclusive access to keynote speeches, industry panels, roundtable discussions, and networking opportunities. Gain valuable insights into fundraising in challenging markets, explore the Norwegian early-stage ecosystem, and delve into deep tech innovations and alternative funding avenues. Network with fellow investors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders, and seize this opportunity to connect, learn, and grow at Startup Extreme!
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