Welcome to Demo Day - Friday 17th September

Kjeller Innovation welcomes investors, partners and other interested to the Nordic H2 Launcher Demo Day – Friday 17th September 12.45-15.00 at Arctic Securitiespremises in Oslo and digital.

Nordic H2 Launcher is a new accelerator program for early phase companies working towards the hydrogen value chain. Through workshops, mentoring, industry meetings and exchange of experiences the companies have improved their business and been introduced to key players in the Nordic hydrogen value chain. The program is in cooperation with Statkraft, Industrial Green Tech, Nordea, T:Lab and Remis.

The 10 companies that will present:
SurplusMap : Geospatial analytics to improve the quality and speed of the initial phases of green industrial projects such as hydrogen production.

Hydrogen Mem-Tech: Technology provider, who enables carbon capture and production of clean hydrogen from natural/biogas.

Sulfilogger: Producer of robust and long-term reliable sensors as safety components, capable of continuous monitoring of hydrogen and oxygen mixtures.

Agri-e: Providing a system turning biogas into hydrogen, electricity, heat and green CO2 for use in transport, agriculture, industry and other sectors

Glocal Green: Fully-integrated production and distribution of bio-methanol based on renewable residues for uses within energy & chemical sector

Cignus Instruments: Developing the next generation coriolis mass flow meters

NAPOP: Makes use of green hydrogen to supply grid-independent thermal and electric energy to industrial market segments

Hidrigenica: Patented plasma reactor to convert natural gas into hydrogen and value-added chemicals (syngas for application in chemical industry)

Hydrogen storage: Safe storage of hydrogen as magnesium hydride

Apex Energy Concepts: Engineering start-up aiming to adapt proven technology to solve complex technical issues, such as onboard storage of liquid hydrogen